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Our team consists of village elders and local farmers with invaluable food, farming and indigenous practices knowledge that spans over decades. Partnered with international workers and volunteers, we are dedicated to preserving information that can guarantee food security for future generations of Kenyans. Our information center and forums extends education through product and educational retreats to all those across the world whom are interested in sustainability and global food security.

Mary Ago Rombo

Advisor Farm Production

Mary has over 75 years experience with sustainable, local food systems and small scale farming operations. As a village elder, Mary provides lead consultation in traditional vegetables, bananas, sweet potatoes and other fruits, root crops and coffee production. Mary currently farms 20 acres of land in western Kenya, two seasons a year. She speaks fluent Luo and Swahili.


Ayuaga Kidew

Advisor Indigenous Practices & Cultural Heritage

Ayuaga has been an instrumental village leader in community food security establishment for over half a century. In his lifetime, he has been responsible for sustainable cultivation of 500 acres of land in western Kenya, Ayuaga Kidew is an expert in indigenous edible plants, hunting and wild food sources and Luo customs and culture regarding livelihoods. Ayuaga has trained more than 300 villagers to live responsibly on the land and currently consults Grow Strong in these practices.

Amy Lint

Executive Director

Amy has been involved in community development programs improving health and livelihood opportunities for over 15 years. Overseeing the New Roots Community Farm Program with the International Rescue Committee (IRC), Amy worked with community members to establish and maintain a 2 acre urban farm and advocate for policy change that supports small scale farming and rebuilding the local food system.  Amy has previously spent 5 years working with communities in rural Kenya, Kakuma Refugee Camp and Northern Cambodia. She has a MA in Sustainable International Development from Brandeis University.

Malaki Obado

Director of Outreach

Malaki was raised on a traditional farm in Kenya where he worked alongside his family and friends to produce food locally. His passion for working on land for sustenance has on several occasions inspired him to quit formal employment in the city to go back to his rural village in order to tap on numerous underused resources. He mobilized youth to form the Nyakasumbi Self Help Group in Bondo district, which focuses on food production and income generation. The group became a District model for sericulture and apiculture projects. Malaki also has urban agriculture experience implementing backyard farms and city aquaponics sites. He loves working with bees and founded “Asali” a humane bee removal service in San Diego. His knowledge gained from over 25 years hands on experience on rural farming in Kenya and urban agriculture in the USA naturally makes him an inspiration for sustainable development and food security globally.

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